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Bindi Beauty and Spa Products

~ Founder
~ Philosophy
- Doshas
- Acclaim
- Home Spa
- Summer Beauty
- Winter Beauty
- Autumns/Spring Beauty
Beauty Areas
- Eye Care
- Face Care
- Hair Care
- Massage
- Bath Care
- Hand/Feet Care
- Problem Skin Care
Ayurvedic Cuisine

Bindi Face Care - Creating a Youthful Face
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According to common belief, it is the quality of "brightness and heightened visibility" in a woman's appearance that first draws one's attention to her and ultimately "satisfies the sight". This brightness, this radiance, is absolute beauty. We call this quality The Bindi Factor - that gives the face a fresh, happy, serene look and the skin, a visible glow.

BINDI Herbal Cleanser 1 oz.

Our unique blend of 16 natural herbs, plant and flower extracts (and nothing else) gently scrubs away dirt, toxins, pollutants and dead cells. Aloe vera and elderflower delicately cleanse, gently exfoliate and balance the skin. Chandan and manjista act as astringents to help heal skin abnormalities. Sandlewood offers soothing relief to sensitive skin. Tulsi liberates oxygen when masaged into the skin, improving blood circulation.
Choose from Basic, Vata, Pitta or Kapha.


BINDI Essential Oil 0.5 oz.

Incredibly rich in nutrients, essential oils penetrate all seven layers of the skin within minutes to nourish tissues and stimulate cell growth. They also improve circulation and strengthen your skin's connective tissues, making it firm. Bindi products feed the skin only pure essential oils, which are naturally hydrating and rich nutrients, and also fine enough to penetrate the skin completely to rejuvenate the cells and strengthen the connective tissue, thereby reducing wrinkles
BONUS: Feel the sensuous fragrance uplift your spirit.

What we term the "essence" is the substance that contains the active ingredient of the medicinal plant- it is the so-called taste of life. Ayurvedic skin care formulations use plants in a variety of ways to nourish and rejuvenate the skin, including fresh-cut parts, juices, teas, dry crushed leaves or powders, and liquid extracts.

However, pure liquid essences- or essential oils- are the most concentrated and refined extracted form of the plant, and therefore the most effective for this purpose. They are 70 to 80 percent more concentrated than herbal powders. Yet their molecular density is so fine, they penetrate the skin to the cellular level and produce effects 60 to 75 percent stronger, helping to nourish tissue and stimulate new cell growth.

Moreover, as the source of the plant''s own immunity, they have natural antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and preservative properties, which help to heal wounds and infections on the skin. As a result, essential oils are widely used in Ayurvedic skin and body care.

The most common essential oils for each skin type is as follows: The oils for dry skin are primarily sweet, soothing and warming; The oils for sensitive skin are sweet, soothing and cooling; The oils for oily skin are pungent, stimulating, and warming.

Choose from Basic, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha.


Unlike most moisturizers, ours contains zero pore-clogging lanolin or mineral oils. So your skin gets a deep drink of water and can still breathe. Contains essence of pearl water...water that absorbed healing properties of pearls. Smoothes out wrinkles die to dehydration. Leaves your skin baby soft.

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Bindi Face Care - Creating a Youthful Face
Once you have enjoyed the unique sensation of the herbs and oils penetrating deeply into the tissues, and have seen for yourself the improvements in your complexion just from the daily routine, curiosity and the desire for the best will naturally lead you to investigate further into Bindi's beauty secret.

Start here with your daily external skin care routine; the rest of your journey to absolute beauty is inevitable.


BINDI products are based on the ancient principles of Ayurveda - the original healing science of India. Ayurvedic wisdom holds that providing the skin with the purest nourishment possible not only allows for total self-correction of the skin, but also has profound healing effect on the entire person.

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