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The Standard American Diet is SAD.

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The Yoga Of Food

Yoga and the mother science, Ayurveda, offer a great deal of wisdom regarding our relationship to food. What, when, how, and most importantly, why we eat are all valuable questions.

Yoga is from Ayurveda. In Ayurveda food has to be super tasty and flavorful appeasing to all our senses. Ayurvedic foods is an offering of cosmic love that is healing, rejuvenating and sustaining. The food-science, in Ayurveda, is that food we eat should not create any toxins in the body and if there are toxins pre existing in the body the electrochemical vitalising of the body mitigates those toxins. Ayurvedic food is both an art and a science.

Tours & Cooking Classes

Amid the soybean fields and silos on the outskirts of Maple Grove is a 43,000-square-foot temple, the largest in USA. The temple houses 21 hand-carved minitemples that replicate real Hindu temples across India into the building. The temple combines marble from Northern India and granite from Southern India. A spectacular sight.

Reminder: Classes make great gifts! Questions? Call 952-593-3000.

Health & Wellness through Food - workshop in Minneapolis, Twin Cities area.

Ayurveda Workshop - Food Consciousness. Mind Body Nourishment. Foods choices for doshas / constitution. Coking balancing foods.

952-593-3000 or send us an email ethnicfoodsco@yahoo.com for more information

Learn How To Make Good Food Choices To Create Health And Stay Young - Workshop
The Yoga of Food, Full Day Seminar: Includes Lunch and snacks

Food Consciousness. Food nourishes the body, creates your health and the temple in which your soul resides. Eating is a spiritual act. Learn how to choose foods for your constitution, emotional patterns and in season. We will show you how to cook balance meals. Healthy food = healthy you. Create real and true happiness, calmness and rejuventaion with food. Nutrition nurtures the being. Enjoy a combination of lecture and practical “hands on” cooking.

Principles of Balanced Kitchen Lifestyle
This class will introduce you to an entirely new way of thinking about food and illustrate how to use diet as one of the tools to improve the quality of your life.  Learn new ideas, flavors and practical ways to organize your kitchen and your perspective towards food. 

Basic principles of nutrition according to Ayurveda - We will cover the art of creating balanced meals for the mind, body and soul and what is the difference, the principles of opposites, dietary Karma, the yogic Thali diet and vegetarian everyday cooking.

Ayurveda is called a ‘new-age’ science but it has been a time tested on health and healing for 10,000 years. Ayurveda systems embodies the concept of foods that are holistic, of feeding the whole individual - one’s Body, Mind and Spirit, of wholesome health and wellness and of prevention rather than cure.

Minnesota Temple Tour & Festival Meal:
(Mothers Day Special May 13 - Please book early)

This class is vegetarian with many vegan items but with some dairy.

Get ready for an inner and outer adventure. Treat all your senses with this tour and food.

All the secrets of this complicated yet very simple spirituality will be revealed where each person has a responsibility to find out his own unique way of connecting with God ... Unlike other religions, there are no sermons, lectures or homilies or sacred book. So what is this Hinduism all about? It is a religion? Does it have a God? One God? No God? Many Gods? Come find out!

This will be followed by a puja meal. The Sanskrit word puja has the meaning of reverence, honor, adoration.

- Chickpea, Chana or Chola Garbanzo Curry
- Sweet and Sour Squash
- Pan Fried Potato Hash with Indian Spices
- Ajika Regal Rice
- Boondi Raita
- Kheer


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