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Harvest Cooking Class in Minneapolis - healthy and seasonal from the farmers market

Garlic mint yogurt - Indian yogurt Salad with fresh mint
Walnut pesto - a simple herbal pesto with walnuts and garlic.
Rajma or kidney bean stew - This stew is sweet and sour with the warming spices of cinnamon and black pepper.   The harvest tomatoes add their wonder to this dish. Subtly spiced with cumin and black salt.
Smoked eggplant with tomatoes - Smoked eggplant in fresh crushed ripe tomatoes.  A north Indian favorite.
Harvest hubard squash stew
- This dish comes alive with a touch of bell pepper, tomatoes and warming spices including cloves and made more interesting with asafetida
Harvest rice - basmati rice cooked to perfection with shredded carrots, and browned onions.
Indian pickles, chutneys and and more to taste

Harvest Cooking Class - click here for the schedule

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Cooking Class/Dinner....... We had our spring banquet at Ethnic Food Company. It was wonderful. The food was amazing!. by Julie on 06/07/2011

Review - Excellent Food, Experience in a Unique Store  Came for a cooking demonstration for a special event. Great experience in a cosy, unique space! The food cooked in the demonstration was delicious and the products sold in the store are of great quality. Thank you! Lila

Ethnic Foods Company Reviews On Cooking Classes

Jennifer J.  - Osseo, MN - 6/22/2012
We absolutely enjoyed the Indian cooking class! the husband/wife owners/instructors were delightful! The food was delicious and we learned so much about the origin and traditions of Indian food. We will be back for more classes and to purchase more of the finds on the grocery shelves! Thank you!!

Kristi R. - Uptown, Minneapolis, MN - 6/15/2012
I went to a demonstration cooking class here last night and it was so much fun and very educational. We were able to bring in a bottle of wine for the evening and got to **sample** all of the dishes. The instructor demonstrated cooking techniques native to her Indian heritage but also taught us a lot about other culture's techniques and flavors. We sampled foods from Indian, Greek, Persian and African cuisines. I was extremely impressed with the selection of spices and foods available for purchase to try the recipes at home. If you are in need of spices and some new ideas, this is the place to go.

Laura G.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/31/2012
This place is fantastic! The store sells authentic ethnic spices, blends, foods, cookbooks (mostly Indian/Asian) and offers ethnic cooking classes! Just went there tonight for the first time -- bought a Living Social coupon. It was a small, fun, intimate cooking class that felt more like a family dinner. And the food was amazing. It was one of the best experiences ever -- we were so impressed we not only purchased spices, but future classes. Prices seem are very reasonable, esp compared to Penzeys in Mpls, which I think is a rip-off. Plus the owners taught the cooking classes and ran the store. I can't say enough good things about this little jewel of a place!

Karen C.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/22/2012
The class was a small intimate setting. The instructors Kavita and Sunita, were so engaging and full of wonderful Indian cuisine knowledge. I have taken many cooking classes at other places and this was my favorite. It was a wonderful education about Indian food and culture. Then their shop was fantastic to buy the ingredients we were just using in class. I will return for another class and have also found a fantastic new place to buy spices and grains.

Mary R.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/20/2012
I agree that this is a wonderful find in Osseo!

I have taken two classes from Kavita and will be taking more- I wanted to add more "spice" and flavors to my meals- she has helped tremendously! I love how she weaves stories of her own life into the class. The respect she has for food and life makes me calmer just sitting and watching as she does the demonstrations. (and then sampling each item isn't bad either!)

The store has wonderful spice blends and has packaged them in such a way as to not be intimidating to the beginner. I must admit I am becoming addicted to adding the cardamom saffron blend to warm milk before bedtime!

Kim D.  - Anoka, MN - 5/18/2012
There are two parts to my review.
#1- I attended a cooking class (Thai cuisine) last night at Ethnic Foods Company. It was about 3 hours long and well worth every minute! We learned about how Thai cooks combine flavors to make their food and don't follow recipes. The teachers did a nice job of talking about ingredients, the process, and filled in with anecdotes about the cultures they came from. Don't expect a chef style kitchen classroom. This class is in the modest back room with folding tables and chairs, but the content of the class more than made up for it. Bonus- they let us bring our own bottle of wine to enjoy while we tasted the food!

#2- The store.
After the cooking class. There was plenty of help to show us where the ingredients were that we wanted to purchase. The store is nice and clean and very inspiring for inspired cooking! Even if you don't take a cooking class, check out the store!

Christine H.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/8/2012
We took the "Cooking with Spices" class, and it was so helpful and interesting! I loved that she went into detail about the philosophy behind Indian cooking. She really helps you think critically about the food you use, and gives great ideas for meals!

Anna E.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/6/2012
This class was very helpful! I learned so much about spices and how to specifically make different dishes. The woman teaching the class answered all of our questions and taught us so many tricks! It was a very helpful class and I can't wait to start cooking!

V M.  - Minneapolis, MN - 5/6/2008
Osseo is going global. Cooking classes, Indian food, Food events and now foods from many other countries. Quaint but excellent offerings including organic spices. I attended their cooking class and it was an excellent experience and I learnt a lot. A little hard to find at it is at the back of the building. Its best to call them - 952-593-3000.

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