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Best Spice Store in Minneapolis with over 160 spices!  Your Local Twin Cities Global International Pantry Food Store & Cooking School - NW of Minneapolis

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Cooking Classes in Minneapolis, Twin Cities Area

All our cooking classes are focused on using fresh, local, seasonal food with health and nutrition information and feature international cooking. We also highlight the health and prevention benefits of spices, herbs and other foods.

Cooking Classes: $79.00 for 2.5 hours. If you need classes for more than 10 people let us know and we will give you bulk pricing.

Or call 952-593-3000 or send us an email ethnicfoodsco@yahoo.com for more information
Classes are held on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 6 pm.

Our classes have a philosophy of putting Minnesotans back in the kitchen with an easy approach to cooking. In these cooking classes we — find quick, simple solutions and tricks, with minimum ingredients needed to help you recreate good, basic meals you can relate to and enjoy.

You will learn to make a meal that is healthy, hearty and on the table with plenty of time left over for all the other activities that fill your busy lives.

These classes are demontration and sample classes

Reminder: Classes make great gifts! Questions? Call 952-593-3000.

We are located 20 minutes NW of Minneapolis

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  An Overview of some of our Classes -   Class schedule & registeration click here -
You may bring your own wine or beer to the classes. have a fun, relaxed evening and get transported to exotic tastes and experiences! We have designed the evening to be special for you.
Learn by watching the instructor prepare the menu while providing step-by-step procedures for each dish. This relaxed, interactive format encourages informative discussions to help you understand new techniques to prepare ethnic dishes with confidence at home. •Comfortable seating is provided allowing each student to see the demonstrations and hear the instructor. •Recipes are e-mailed to you. •Tastings of the dishes prepared are provided along with a beverage.

To see the class schedule and register for the classes click here:

Savor Thailand  
Thai Cooking Class

Easy home cooked Thai meal with Spring Rolls, Thai Green Curry, Pad Thai, Chicken Satay

Savor India  
Indian Cooking Class

Restaurant favorites - Chicken Curry, Channa Masala, Saag Paneer, Seasoned Subzi Vegetable, Yogurt Dip, Cucumber Salad

Savor World Flavors & Dishes.
New ideas and tastes for your home cooking

 Here you will experience a wide range of unbelievable tastes - cumin and asafetida in the dal, mustard seeds and ginger in the beans, thyme and sesame in the cauliflower, peanut and coconut in the satay dish and wonderous aromatic spices in the rice.
• Tomato Lentil Dal Perfectly Flavored (North Indian) • Thai Satay BBQ (Thai)  • Carrot and Beans with South Indian Thoran Spices (South Indian) • Cauliflower Flavored With Syrian Zataar (Middle Eastern) • Raisin Almond Onion Rice (Afghanistan)

Savor Mexican Cuisine 
Mexican Cooking Class

• Mexican Rice  • Salsa  • Mexican Beans  • Tacos  • Stuffed Peppers • Mexican Fruit

Savor Persia 
Persian Cooking Class

• Zereshk Polo, Persian Rice  • Gormeh Sabzi - Bean Spinach Stew  • Herbal Sabzi  • Mast O Khiar, yogurt dish  • Rice pudding with saffron and pistachio

Savor Middle East 
Middle Eastern Cooking Class

• Kabobs  • Hummus  • Kabsa Middle Eastern Rice  • Tabouli  • Babaganoush   • Zaatar seasoned potatoes stuffed in bellpeppers

Harvest Class

click here for menu

Ayurvedic Healthy Cooking $129/-

• Intoduction to Doshas • How to combine foods for maximum nutriton • How to get viatamins in your diet and not depend on vitamin supplements • thali cooking and menus • We will cook one vegetable, one soup, rice, yogurt dish, desssert

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Cooking Class Reviews By Customers

I took a class here and it was wonderful! I learned a lot about techniques and spice use. After the class, I was able to purchase just a few items and make four different dishes that wowed my family! I'm already sighed up for another class! I must say that the owners were great hosts and the quality of theirs products and services will have me coming back !
Lisa E, Minneapolis, , June 2012
Savor India Cooking Class, June 2012
My wife and I took the Savor India Cooking class at Ethnic Foods Company and it was FANTASTIC! The food, the history, the stories, and the atmosphere were wonderful. REALLY GOOD spices! Very fun. We highly recommend visiting the store and attending a cooking class! We plan to go back for more of everything – spices, recipes, and classes!
Timothy D. Huston
Legal Technology Training Specialist
Laura Greene reviewed a month ago
Quality 3 / 3 Appeal 3 / 3 Service 3 / 3
This place is fantastic! The store sells authentic ethnic spices, blends, foods, cookbooks (mostly Indian/Asian) and offers ethnic cooking classes! Just went there tonight for the first time -- bought a Living Social coupon. It was a small, fun, intimate cooking class that felt more like a family dinner. And the food was amazing. It was one of the best experiences ever -- we were so impressed we not only purchased spices, but future classes. Prices seem are very reasonable, esp compared to Penzeys in Mpls, which I think is a rip-off. Plus the owners taught the cooking classes and ran the store. I can't say enough good things about this little jewel of a place!


Reminder: Classes make great gifts! Questions? Call 952-593-3000.
We specialize in the following cooking classes

International Cooking Classes
1.     Indian Cuisine
2.    Chinese Cuisine
3.    Thai Cuisine
4.    Persian Cuisine
5.    Middle Eastern Cuisine
1.    Stir Frying
2.    Pressure Cooking
3.    Easy Brunch
4.    Week Night Meals
5.    Curry Cooking
6.    Cooking With Spices, Flavor
7.    Soups

Dietary Cooking
1.    Vegetarian
2.    Vegan
3.    Gluten Free
5.    Getting your strength back after an illness through food

Seasonal Foods Cooking
Spring, Summer, Harvest, Winter

Ayurvedic Diet
How to plan a healthy pantry
How to plan a healthy meal
Herbal Cooking


Health, Wellness, Nutrition
•    Eat more healthfully and for energy
•    Prepare health-supportive foods
•    Add new, exciting recipes
•    Be a healthy vegetarian
•    Use diet for prevention
•    Lose weight - often a by-product of cooking at home

How to use Spices, Cooking With Spices, Cooking With Aromatic Spices, Cooking With Spice Infusions
Indian Recipes, Thai Recipes, Chinese Recipes, Persian Recipes, Middle Eastern Recipes


Cooking Classes (in the twin cities of Minneapolis, St. Paul) 

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